The End

In the very last line of the very last song on the very last Beatles album, Paul McCartney sings these words:

And in the end, the love you take
Is equal to the love you make.

Pretty heavy. I like to think that I’ve done that here—that I’ve gained back everything I’ve invested into this project.

What a way to go out, right? I wanted to end my designs on a similar note. Thus, this GIF. I tried desperately to match it up to the music using GIFSound but to no avail. If you want to take a crack at it, feel free. At least the rhythm of the words looks right. :)

In conclusion

I have learned so much from this year-long project. It’s been an incredible journey that has done wonders for me both professionally and personally. I have strengthened my skills as a designer, I got my work recognized by a few different outlets, I made some new friends, and most importantly: I got to know myself better through this experience. I learned to focus on personal growth, not on perfection. And as a perfectionist, that really means a lot.

I do not regret any aspect of this daily blog in the slightest. All the time and effort spent expanding my creativity (and all that money spent on art supplies) was well worth it. If I could sum up my experience in music it would sound something like this.

So, friends, I guess that’s it. It’s been wonderful, and thank you so much for supporting me along the way! I still have plenty more ideas to explore (especially lettering stuff) so I invite you to stick with me on Instagram and Twitter. And I’ll be talking about the importance of designing daily on The Design Recharge Show this September, so if you’re considering starting a daily project of your own, stop by to hear my story!

There will be much more to come from me; you have my word. :) See you around!

Time it took

8-ish hours 365 days

Listened to

The Beatles, Abbey Road

3 thoughts on “The End

  1. Bittersweet…loved seeing your growth and hearing something from you every day, but glad for your time’s sake it’s over…back to reality of life now!

  2. My favorite Beatles Album!!! Or in fact my favorite music album ever made by any artist ever.

    I love your work Janna! I am a mixed media artist from the Netherlands, with a deep love for type. Love your hand lettering! I have totally missed your “one year” project.


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